Wild Mind Book Review, Part 2 — Exploring the Map of the Human Psyche

Who are you? And what is it to be a human being anyway? What would it be like to actually have a map to “optimal human development” that you could use to help track your own journey into wholeness?
Author Bill Plotkin is careful to warn the reader of his new book, Wild Mind, that his Map is not the territory, in his exploration of the mapping of the human psyche and Soul. He also informs the reader early in the book, while defining terminology (Soul, Spirit, Self and Ego, 3-D Ego, Subpersonalitites…), “that I’m using these common words to refer to aspects of psyche defined in specific and not necessarily common ways.”
I’ve not seen other reviewers mention this, however on several occasions I did find myself reading a sentence and shaking my head and going, “Huh?” These points of confusion on my part always had to do with a need to further clarify, in my thinking, the author’s specific use of language and terminology and modeling.
Part 2 of this Wild Mind Book Review seeks to share this ‘mapping of the map’ of the psyche as I resolved it. It highlights the nature of the three-dimensional map of the psyche presented in the book, in concert with its seven directions and four aspects or facets of the Self, briefly distinguishing also between the horizontal and vertical axises of the psyche and Self. (Note: The book maps the Self in the horizontal plane of the psyche. Also, psyche is never capitalized, nor defined; only its components are.)
The casual reader can move through the book and benefit without close attention to such detail. For the reader willing to digest and be digested by this book however, it will change how you see yourself and how you perceive the world. Your psyche, Soul, Self and Ego will grow larger and more whole. Enjoy!
Wild Mind is now available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound,
New World Library,and your local bookstores!
Larry Glover is a transformational focus learning partner with individuals and organizations, speaker, retreat facilitator and wilderness guide. He is author of the forthcoming resource book, Wild Resiliency: Discovering a Literacy of Deep Identity, Purpose and Meaning Through Nature.

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