The Fourth Instinct

“Most psychologists and biologists look at human behavior in terms of three instincts: survival, sex, and power. I believe, however, that you cannot understand human behavior without recognizing a fourth one-the instinct for transcendence, the instinct to connect to the part of us that goes beyond our materiality and survives our death, that connects with our soul. That’s what explains our search for meaning, whether it drives us to art or to religion or to altruistic behavior that cannot be explained purely in terms of self-interest…. You could say that the fourth instinct drives the evolution of consciousness-and the evolution of consciousness is the foundation of everything.”
Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of the award-winning online newspaper The Huffington Post, from The Fourth Instinct: The Call of the Soul

Now this, from the movie trailer, The Shift, from The Noetic Institute:
“Think of  humanity and the planet as one organism. Any biological organism, if it’s at war with itself, it will die.”
and this
“Making the world a better place is not only your responsibility, it is your joy, your blessing, your gift. It’s your opportunity to make your life mean something.”

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  1. Kent

    10/19/2008 at 5:47 pm

    The Arianna Huffington quote put me in mind of this from T.H. Huxley,
    “I neither deny nor affirm the immortality of man. I see no reason for believing it, but, on the other hand, I have no means of disproving it.”
    It doesn’t matter though. Even if humans are nothing more than biologic beings, we have the responsibility, the obligation, and the honor of preserving the world for those sentient beings who will come after us.
    Thanks for the work you do on this blog. “Don’t give up on it.”

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