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Larry & FirA challenging childhood gifted Larry with the experience of turning to nature for solace and learning. Rough years in his youth found him selling his blood for food money, spending his last quarter for a cup of Spokane’s black coffee, and digging for food out of a Safeway dumpster.
He once walked into the woods to die – or to come out a different man; and Larry credits a Black Bear he met face to face in his tent with saving his life. Larry has worked as a family therapist, social science research consultant, forest fire fighter and lookout, wilderness therapist and guide, body worker, and as an executive and organizational learning coach and consultant.
The founding of the Wild Resiliency Institute, in 2004 by Larry, represents the coalescing of his diverse background and interests into an ecological model of human change and transformation. The model is informed and inspired by the Indigenous and western sciences, resiliency and eco-psychology and by world mythologies. Larry now works with individuals and communities-of-intention to sustain and strengthen their relationship to the River of Life. He lives and plays out his own wild joy based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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  1. Lisa Brick, CPC, L.Ac,

    06/08/2012 at 6:17 pm

    I am exploring more of your blog. Aho!

  2. Marjorie Cavins

    05/16/2021 at 4:26 am

    Larry, This is awesome! I love not only the post you put on Facebook that brought me here, but your bio is even more interesting. Some of it I’ve known, some of it is new information. All of it reminds me of how awesome it is to connect with people of like mind and like spirit. I thank the powers that be in our universe that brought Robin Easton into my life. Through her, through her introduction I’ve met you and so many others that are bringing such healing to my soul and spirit that I cannot begin to express the impact. Thank You, Larry for being who you are and evolving into one of those shining light-workers who serve as a beacon and conduit for others to follow. Thank Gaia for trees and the rest of her inhabitants who throb their connections through us all.

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