When Spring come to the soul

When Spring come to the soul

Looking thorugh deer verterbra

Moisture comes at last
to my beloved drought stricken Southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains
previously desiccated by months of absence
previously parched cracked and powdery soil
now absorbs heavy rain almost without runoff

What was brown and dead or perhaps just crispy dry
now feels vibrantly and radiantly lush and awake
verdant leaves baby soft invite hand caresses
even the air is alive and anticipatory
with odors of growth and celebrations of new life

Tender ocher and green tinted Gamble’s Oak leaves
catch my eye along with old growth Douglas Firs dancing in the wind
and Spruces and Ponderosa Pines and Aspens sway away alike
a fire sculptured snag stands witness to resilience and reciprocity
scattered deer skull and jaw ribs and femur bones testify too

Oh to be erotically alive in this world!
What joys and sorrows are sure to visit
and to be willing to let each in
to so receive the embrace
of unspeakable beauty and wonder and heart break

to allow such penetration of my soul—
refused as it is by fearful unconscious human kind—
is to invite transformation of this self
a realignment of spirit body and mind as One
unified in sacred marriage within the embodied sensory world

with all that is impermissible to see by two-legged ones
The unspeakable blossoms forth with gratitude in my heart
and the biognosis that the portal to the Holy of Holies
where all life and each breath is sacred
lies but a perceptual shift-of-identity away

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  1. Cheryl Slover-Linett

    06/10/2021 at 11:52 pm

    A big YES to shift-of-identity!

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