Well have you…?

Well have you…?

lichen on rock

Took a hike today and there I was
on the trail talking with myself in privacy of soul and spirit

Oh here you go again Larry
with another of your “Have you…” poems…

But truly
have you even smelled the air today

Said “Thank you” to the lichen
for eating rock and making soil
without which you will never fill your belly

Have your feet even touched Earth
or are you too busy walking
making lists and living inside your head

Surly you’ll pause and talk with the trees
share your prayers of gratitude
for their breathing out — what you breathe in

And Oh… you spring wildflowers
how your beauty awakens my heart
and you blossoming cacti and yuccas too

Oh what would I ever do
were you not to teach and remind me
of the need to hold healthy boundaries
around my own uniqueness and beauty of being

Come to think of it
have I yet even taken time
to simply hold myself in love today?
Well have you?

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