the heart of resiliency

I’ve been writing on the heart of resiliency of late as I clarify my own thinking in this regard. Following is a brief excerpt from that writing… and then a synchronistic quote from Gangaji sent by friend and colleague Sheva Carr; it was to benefit the Fyera Foundtion established by her that we provided a recent Santa Fe Aspen Hike benefit: Our Hunger for Nature.
We  live in times of tremendous challenge, threat and opportunity, all of which require our resilience if we are to find a path through to sustainability and thrive-ability.
Not all resiliency is created equal however. Some resiliency serves only the past, disavowing all that is not orthodox and stamped, “Pre-Aproved.” Some resiliency would disconnect itself from the past altogether and serve only the future. Then there is that resiliency that honors the ancestors and the past while serving the future too; it does so in service of ‘all my relations.’ This is a wild resiliency whose potentiality lives innately within each of us.
It is wild in that it arrives with an increased opening of our hearts in some way; this opening and embrace potentially extends to the Oneness of all Life—in celebration of diversity. And once a heart opens into such vulnerable strength, there is no telling where it will take you. Or me. Or us. There is no telling what future of thrive-ability we are capable of dreaming into creation from here.
This is the heart of resiliency. It looks and behaves differently in each of us and at different times in our lives and in history itself. It’s grounding however is in loyalty to the love of Life, and in the courage required to find a voice of our own in affirmation of a wild joy and wisdom within.

If you give yourself to love one hundred percent you cannot know what the outcome will be.

Giving yourself to love is laying yourself bare without knowing how you will be used; knowing that however you are used, you are given to love, in service to love. Whatever your mistakes may be, however you fumble, however you stumble, if it is in service to love it teaches you something. You pick up and you serve love even more strongly. You marry love, and you say, “I am yours.” Then whatever beautiful temptations go by, you say, “I am taken. I have given myself to love.”

There are moments of extreme difficulty in all lives. When you really give yourself to love then you are not concerned with difficulty or ease. You may not like difficulty but it is here. How is it serving love? Where is love in this, where is silence? Where is truth? Then life is the teacher of love.Gangaji


  1. jean

    08/07/2018 at 10:33 am

    I am moved and inspired by your words. My heart has been my reason for everything in my life and I am always learning from the experiences I have by following my heart looking for love in every aspect of my life. I appreciate your work and the journey you have taken.

  2. Larry Glover

    08/07/2018 at 12:44 pm

    It takes courage, Jean, to choose to follow one’s heart in life, to let it be ‘my reason for everything in life.’ And I so understand your statement here and bow, and honor that. I know the world is richer and kinder for your risking this path. And Thanks for your comment too!

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