Beyond the Evil of Our Times

Beyond the Evil of Our Times

Heart’s Hand on Aspen Wound
Don’t let them	
win over your soul
convert you to victim-hood or domination
for then the abuse you suffer
at their hands
and from the hunger
of their wounded hearts
will live on in you as a parasite too
and ever forth propagate into others

Except you find and follow
the wild and spiraling trail of your heart's feral joys
this transformer of perception and identity
that composts, integrates, and heals
the infectious wound of separation
and so brings you home 
to the body and spirit of your birth

1) We can never heal what we deny the feeling experience of… so ultimately, healing is intimate with our learning to say, “Yes!”, to what is.
2) Evil is the withdrawal of honoring the innate sacred in ourselves or other, i.e. The Jehovah Wound.
3) Reacting to one evil with another…spreads the infection of separation… and so the wounds propagate.
4) The way through the veils, cast by the ‘Guardians at the Gate’, is the restoration (re-story) of our personal and collective innate belonging and worthiness, our kinship, with all of Life.
5. To follow your heart’s feral joys is to choose loyalty to an inner call of your soul… over and above our culture’s entrancement to conformity.

To say anything on the nature of our times, feels here, both somewhat arrogant and inherently naive or simplistic. So let me simply acknowledge that what I write and share here are the intimacies of my heart… speaking to itself. What is your heart saying today?


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