Spinning the Magic of Communion

Spinning the Magic of Communion

Aspen Rock Lichen I took a walk today
wandering game trails faintly worn
traveling deep into the forest
where beings of ancient ages live
centuries old, some
others, uncounted thousands

I did pause along the way
for hands to touch presence in an other
allowing arms the longing of embrace
saying “Hello” to those calling my name
or perhaps just flirting with my attention
asking occasional questions of elders as curiosity pricks
offering gratitude and blessings
prayers too from my heart
for their well-being

We live in perilous times after all
a time when men forget
as a great amnesia sweeps the land
and men no longer talk with the trees
or know how to spin the magic of communion
suspending identities of separation long enough
for listening to the stillness within
an intercourse of breath resonating as one life force
tree and man reaching roots deep into soil in partnerships of feeding
grasping there power for stretching and holding arms out-lifted
intelligent in the transforming of energy into nourishment

Oh but if we men too
might learn to receive life’s nourishment
so directly and drop like fall
leaves and branches no longer serving
we might re-member and make whole again
the bodies of our belonging


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