A World Worth Waking Up In

A World Worth Waking Up In

Colorful Sunrise

Is it not in fact
the womb of Earth’s ancient and primeval salty oceans
that are the birthplace of our own blood
and tears of joy or of grief through which
we peer out upon the world?

And can you not feel the rivers of the world
their springs and creeks pulsing with the Waters of Life
coursing too through the byways of your body?

And when you listen
to the morning song of Meadowlark
does not your throat scratch
to be so open too?

Or when you hear the lone long howl of Wolf
does not something in you
want to howl too?

Or maybe its the kaw-kaw-kawing of Raven
perhaps when two pass overhead in conversation
or maybe its the one sitting atop your chimney and finely dressed in black
that gets you talking back to the world?

And maybe its the soaring of Raven
making the unseen presence of air visible
or maybe of Red Tail Hawk circling high above
that lifts your spirit into flight too?

I love too the chorus of Crickets
each little male one rubbing chirping wings together
until together… Oh what would we listen too without them?

And then consider the ready legs of Leopard Frog
and their sudden leaping through what is not seen
Are not their ready legs somehow alive too
in the joyous bounds of every jumping child?

And what too of your heart
the one beating now in orchestral concert
Does not its drumming keep you in time and rhythm
to the great Dance of Life
the one danced by all living things?

Oh Yes! I believe the rumors to be true
It is the same thread of Life
running in and through each of us
and the more fully and deeply and tightly
one consciously holds to this thread
and stitches their very breathing and being together with it

The more we know and see
the entirety of the world
alive and vibrant and living within.

Now this, dear one
is a world worth waking up to!
And in!

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