the reciprocal nature of our being

There is at times so much chatter in my own living that listening to the resource of the deep silence  is… challenging. And there are times when the level of chatter in the world is so hyped up that I hesitate to add anything that does not arise out of access to stillness.  Listening to the currents of Life, to and for what it is that wants to emerge—is a more vital activity for me than adding my own noise to the collective buzz.
Such has been the busyness of my own living of late: the construction of a new office and studio  space; travel for the care of aging family; an environment of political discourse entrenched in narrow power-oriented thinking; exploding technological arenas, including web 3.0 social networking; the noise of the holidays; an incredible array and diversity of human impulses seeking voice and alignment for the well being of the planet and our human future…; and me wondering how to more effectively be who I am — in the world; wondering how to sort out my writing, what belongs here on this wild resiliency blog and what might better serve in other presentations….
With all these currents of my life still sorting themselves out, I want to reenter this blog with this acknowledgment of absence, and with the following reflection upon our wild resiliency:

Our wild resiliency arises out of the impulse of Life for itself, out of our innate belonging within the family of ‘all our relations.’ Our own flourishing and thrivability, consequently, is hinged to the realization of this belonging and to the flourishing and diversity of our other than human relations. Stillness, listening to the deep silence, is one portal into the realization of this reciprocal nature of our being. It is an exit ramp out of the noise of confusion….

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  1. kent

    01/16/2010 at 2:52 am

    Welcome back. Don’t let listening for the deep silence prevent you from sharing your wisdom with us.

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