I go to the mountains to pray

I go to the mountains to pray

Photo from a recent Meditation in Nature Retreat co-hosted with Cheryl Slover-Linett, of leadfeather.org
I go to the mountains to pray
from within the one rooted
oneness of the Aspen Body
and from the temple where singing waters emerge

Born gurgling out from under a granite bolder
protector of the Mother’s womb of darkness below
while nearby two creeks join as one
amplify the sacred medicine of this holy incarnation

Where the entire world can be touched
felt and held in the One Heart
that honors diversity and differentiation
yet knows no separation

Here I drink from the Waters of Life
lay offerings of gratitude
and beseech of Forest
Teach me

For I yearn to learn
to perceive the thread
of the One Root of Love
weaving the world into Wholeness

Upon uttering this prayer
a gentle breeze kisses my cheek and makes visible 
the play of sun and shadow upon dancing threads
of a spiders delicate web but feet in front of my face

My heart opens — awe and love converge and spill forth
as Spider comes forth to speak

     Be Still
               with the innate wholeness
	            of your original body
for your life and prayers depend
upon your willingness

to sing your self
and the World anew into being
rooted into the Tree of Life
as One
Shimmering Spider Web

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