A Question for You

With this mytho-poetic reflection, A Question for You, Larry Glover continues exploring the heart, soul and science of what it is to say “Yes!” to life.
I am a man.

Speaking Aspens
Or so they tell me.
But I ask you:
What is a man?

Who is man?
Or Woman?
In the scheme of things
I mean, and in the particulars.

Who are we, I and you?
Us and them?

Have you ever stopped
long enough to ask
such questions of the soul?
Of your soul?
Of the world soul?
Resilient AspenDoes the world have a soul?
Do you?
How about the 80,000 year old Aspen Grove,
Pando, living in Utah?
Does it have a soul? A spirit?
Is there an innate essence
an inherent presence within its being?
Might this Being be touched or felt or sensed
with a love carried in one’s heart?
Seen with eyes wiling to see?
And if you might so caress
such an other with your care,
that she breathes with life
pulsing inside your chest,
if a man’s eyes
can so open to beauty
as to be transformed by it
make love to a tree, let’s say,
or a wild stag leaping silently
through the forest trembling green
then I ask you:
What is a man?
And who pray tell, am I?

And who or what then, are you?

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Larry Glover is an inspirational speaker, resiliency coach for evolutionary leaders and creators, retreat facilitator, hiking and wilderness guide and author. Larry helps visionary lovers of nature consciously use this love to struggle less and more fully love themselves, uttering that deep “Yes!” to life, through aligning with the natural flow and currents in the River of Live for increased joy and freedom of being.


  1. Juliana Coles

    02/24/2014 at 7:47 pm

    Such a beautiful, soul-evoking poem, Larry. Reading the passage, “And if you might so caress such another with your care” gave me the impulse to let my gaze fall upon each rock and animal and tree and person I encounter today with that type of unspoken love emanating from my being. What a powerful practice! Thank you for this inspiration.

  2. Larry Glover

    02/25/2014 at 3:02 am

    Thanks Juliana. You imbibed and digested the essence I was going for in this piece entirely. And yes, what a gift to give one’s self, “to let my gaze fall upon each rock and animal and tree and person I encounter today with that type of unspoken love emanating from my being.” Thanks for letting me know it inspired you so.

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