Call of the Ancestors

Call of the Ancestors

Ponderosa Tree Root Surfacing

I have an affinity for the unseen natures of our world.
Things like tree roots surfacing briefly
catch my attention for how it is
they navigate like serpents of the underground
seeking nourishment through listening
for vibrations of relational nourishment
that interweave the world into wholeness
transform dirt into living communities of soil
into temporal bodies of inspiring stature
before the great giving-back and dissolving
again to become the fertile womb.

Though who is to say
they I you we are not just such ourselves
also in play with a shifting of identities?

For then too there is this stretching reach
of tree’s trunk and branches skyward
drawn toward Moon and Stars
with Sun’s luminous pull
outward into the larger cosmos
even as the same personal invitation is offered
into yours and my awakening consciousness
a remembrance of who we too are
and where we come from.


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