Emmanuel—The Farmer of Children, Soil and Peace

Emmanuel—The Farmer of Children, Soil and Peace

“The more they love the soil the more they love each other.” — Emmanuel Karisa Baya

I’ve been intensely working on a World of Children Award Nomination for my dear brother and friend, Emmanuel Karisa Baya, Founder of the Magarini Children Centre and Organic Demonstration Farm.

The application is due midnight tonight and my eyes are exhausted and brain…fried, as they say. Still, I want to make this post so I can link to the beautiful articulation of Emmanuel’s summary of his philosophy of Peace From the Soil. I’ve left his punctuation and wording mostly as originally posted it on FaceBook because I simply love the flavor of it that way. Enjoy, and let his spirit and words inspire you.

“Children… learn to listen with their heart when working with the soil caring for the soil they learn to care for each other, they use their heart to listen to the plants, trees and doing this they naturally solve their conflicts and create peace, when they harvest and give thanks by singing and dance together…they promote the peace,

When we learn to feel each other and listen with our heart then Nature can communicate or talk to people when we learn the language of nature we shall be able to solve our conflicts with nature because we would be able to dialogue, most human being conflict are because of the unsolved conflicts we have with nature.

Most of the body symptoms human being have are because nature is fighting back or communicating to us but we don’t listen. Peace from the soil nurtures love in oneself so people can see the love within themselves and also learn to share the love we all have. As we share food we share life and when share life we share love.”

Please note: the volume on the video is a bit low so you may need listening aids to not strain your hearing. It’s worth it!

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