Holding What is Most Sacred—Together

Holding What is Most Sacred—Together

Forest Magic

Oh gosh, it can be so hard
this touching this remembering
the wonder and mystery
not just of our innate worthiness
but daily breathing in and out the magic
of life and of our very existence

When the phone is broken
the computer frozen
and the car tire flat
and the dishes dirty
and the toilet backed up
the baby crying
the shoulder hurting
turmoil and storms in the gut
checking account too low
like the winter firewood pile
and time alone for personal renewal
time together in relational play too

Oh yes this remembering
that we are made of stardust
of solar fires dancing with the waters of life
like star light glancing off the white-tops of ocean waves
inspiring and expiring too the breath of life
becoming self-aware and
conscious of the grandeur of our true nature

Excuse me for a moment if you will
the washer is done
and I must put the clothes in the dryer
sweep the floor
and make corn bread
write the proposal
clean up after the sloppy web designer
and heat the black bean soup
gifted us for dinner

Oh what a blessing
to be woven of such care and love
as to have the entirety of the cosmos in this moment
supporting and singing our presence into being
and to sense and know this in the bones of my flesh
the way trees transform and give back in nourishment
what this body’s exhalations gift to them
in this Life’s great cycles of inter-breathing are visible

Oh I could go on and on
of the threads of reciprocity on the loom of wholeness
weaving the polarities of the world into oneness
so that without you—there would be no me
and that—is magic too
so let me say
I love you

You are exquisitely utterly beautiful and awesome
just as you are
like an aspen grove rooted in an ancient intelligence
even when like me at times you forget and
cannot quite touch and feel
who you really are either

Yet our birthrights are the wild joys
of innate belonging and wonder
curiosity and amazement at life itself
traveling paths of awakening into who we truly are
and but we lose the trail at times
we would never know the joys of finding our way anew
thus wiser and more informed in landscapes of spirit

So in this moment
I see you for who you truly are
now please see me for the same when you can
for in this mutuality and reciprocity
is the potential for collectively rediscovering
for holding sacred our deep and true identity


  1. Robin Easton

    03/04/2019 at 4:40 pm

    I think what I love most about this beautiful poem, dear Larry, is the interplay between brilliant, shining otherworldly-ness (or spirituality)…..AND then such masterfully expressed humanity, and the later written in such a stunningly simple and real way that we all relate to it. It’s just beautiful: like making corn bread, washing dirty dishes, sweeping the floor. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I think that is one of the MOST raw and profound aspects to your writing. It is something that is rarely expressed in writing, and I truly believe you are the MASTER at it.
    Writing in the way that you do makes you approachable, which you SO are. It makes all your readers fall in love with you and feel grateful for such honesty and rawness. I know I sit and read, and feel: “Oh wow, he’s like ME! I feel the same way. I too do those things, or feel that way, or I have had that experience.” And so on…
    As you write you leave open the doors to your soul for others to enter. Oh my god, I can’t even write that without tears. I’ve a feeling I do the same thing. So your writing encourages me to continue to leave open the doors to my own soul….in a human society that more often than not discourages us from leaving any doors open. Again, you mirror so many of my own feelings, my own experiences.
    But I think it goes deeper, precious Larry. I think you speak to the Common Humanity in us all. So you not only leave open the doors to your soul inviting others to enter, but once they arrive you create and offer a sense of ‘Belonging’ or ‘Place’ for people to experience their own inherent and much needed Sense of Belonging.
    When any of us feel that another (or others) feel like we feel, or have had the same experience,….we feel connected. We can feel like we’ve found our ‘Right Place’. It is one of THE most healing experiences we humans can have (or offer). Whether we have this experience with each other, or with other species, or with Nature….it is an open path to ‘Going Home’, and our souls inherently recognize this….and often we weep. Thank you, dear one, for offering up your beautifully raw and exposed Humanity. It’s stunning. So much love to you, my dear, dear friend. My heart is filled with gratitude. —-PS: I so hope that Dottie’s healing is going really well.

  2. Larry Glover

    03/14/2019 at 10:25 am

    Oh dear precious Robin, your comment above left me so speechless – wordless – that I had to set it down and come back to in the darkness of a night when I could meet it immersed in the stillness we both know and love so dearly.
    I feel so seen by you… that I cannot help but just love you as myself. And yes, I aspire to be the writer you describe, transparent and vulnerable and courageous and insightful and as intimate and loving with the world soul as with my own. That you see any of this in my, in my writing, strengthens and nourishes it.
    I once had grand visions of how my writing would change the world… eliminating evil and preventing us from coming to this precipice where history now brings us… now I am thrilled to just have my writing touch the heart of another… to leave them with some new lightness of being and heart. And your taking note of my writing, dear Roby, has done more to enlarge ‘my audience’ than… So I am ever so grateful for your companionship on this journey of our lives and of our expressions…
    And you capture this path we are on so beautifully with this recent line from a facebook post, “Dream the dreams of those who forget themselves and remember who they are.”
    You inspire me with your dreaming, dear Robin Easton, and help me remember who I am. Thank you.

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