There is Something Wrong with Here

There is something wrong with Here,
I swear.
I woke this AM to the sound
of the teapot’s whistle
the sheets were thrown back,
and there before my eyes—
my beautiful partner lay
her beasts exposed
and more
but one nipple invited a kiss
just one tender…
and as I leaned toward my imagination’s invitation
she pushed to help me out of bed
And so we laughed

I returned to the pleasure of
a snuggle while the tea seeped
thinking too of my invitation’s return
“You’re scratchy,” she tells me now
“And before I was just thinking of how my head hurts.
When I pushed you I didn’t know…”

Like I said,
There is something wrong with here.
At least its geography is suspect.
How else can two people
be in the very same geographical here
occupy the very same bed
and be in two different worlds
of here and now
except here be suspect
in love and war
I swear.

Note: What does this whimsical little piece have to do with your resiliency, or with wild resiliency? Seems to me we are continuously encountering the ‘here and now’ of other people. How we navigate these intimate and just everyday territories of seeing the world differently… well, that’s reflective our relational intelligence which is also a skill that can be developed. It is also integrated into the wild resiliency model as part of our Power of Arrival, one of the Seven Keystone Processes of this ‘ecological field modeling’ of human resilience.

When did you last bump into someone else’s here and now… and so suddenly saw your own? Were you able to find the gift in the encounter? What does it take to do so?

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