That I am enough—a One Tribe Poem

That I am enough—a One Tribe Poem

The One Tribe

That I am enough…
Oh to feel such a sufficiency of being in the world
Oh to belong with an innate intimacy
to rest in the birthright
of emergence from the womb
with indigenous worth and identity
to receive and to know
through a primal intelligence and wisdom alive within
one’s place in the world
is held in a circle of community
a landscape of relationships and story
ecologically interwoven of with all of Life

I and you and we and they
all born into this one tribe
the tribe of no exclusions
all invited into openness marvel wonder and delight
as we swim together in awareness and gratitude
for the great unspeakable mystery
in which we find ourselves
and enough
just as we are

— J. Larry Glover

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