One Coffee Shop Lady Told Another…

“Life is not safe,”
One coffee-shop lady told another.
And it is true, “No one,” as they say,
“no one gets out alive.”
Still, You are safe.
Not the you that fears
what others might think of you
Not the you that searches
for power or hungers
for more or clings
to ideas and beliefs as if
any of these might be who
you are—your True Self
is so much grander
Even the body you wear, inhabit
is woven of threads of star light
and your bones… are the dust of ancient galaxies
and the water of primeval
seas flows in your blood
and desert springs and cold
clear mountain creeks and
canyon wrens singing in eroded
carved slits in the skin of
the earth itself is your body
Your body the earth’s body
Your Self
Your deep true Self
Arises out of, and is itself
Nothing less than wonder
mystery and awe, the stillness
and the silence
From which you run
The Oneness—the interwoven being-ness
of all that is and that is ‘Not two’
That Self
That you—is perfectly safe.

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