The Dangerous Arts of ReCreation – a Response!

Here is an email response from a friend to my post on The Dangerous Arts of ReCreation (Vacationing?):
Hi Larry,
Enjoy? No, I can’t say that I ever “enjoy” reading your posts. They make me think too much.
You go on the Grand and find re-creation in recreation. I went and found vacate (emptiness) in vacation. You go with intention of recreating, of satisfying your soul, I go with the idea of leaving everything behind, of removing myself from the stresses of the everyday world and seeing what seeps in. Your’s active, mine passive. Hmmm, I think we are on different paths to the same place.
I liked a couple of the quotes from el Indio Wareme Cachora. I’ve changed a few words.

“When you approach a person, sing something sweet to him, anything that comes to mind, it does not have to be any particular song; it is only to introduce your spirit to the person. If the person is agreeable, it may speak to you . . . . .”
And, “if the person is willing and the seeker worthy.”

It reminds me of Aung San Suu Kyi. She says that:

…if you want to be heard you must say the truth, you must say it with sincerity, and you must say it in a way that is sweet to the ears of the listener.

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