Nature's Path to Your Soul?

New Dimensions currently (until August 4) has free listening to a Michael Toms interview with Catriona MacGregor, Nature’s Path to Your Soul.
“Catriona MacGregor understands how easy it is to become exhausted by your schedule, your to-do list, and the gazillion emails in your inbox-and it’s also easy to forget there’s a world of renewal just outside your door, and a host of plants and animals available to help you find your way back to your peace, your joy, your roots. Indeed, she says, the planet itself resonates with your most peaceful nature, and regaining a connection with the natural world is the surest way to rediscover the truest part of yourself. She explains, “One of the things we miss out on in our culture is being reborn with the new season. It’s a very forgiving time, a time of redemption. There are new buds on the leaves and there are new fawns being born, and we also are renewed, because every cell in our body is remade anew. When you live in that kind of a universe, where every year you can be renewed, it’s just a place of forgiving. Embracing these kind of cycles is a great way for us to continue into our future, into our lives.”
Topics explored in this Interview:

  • How we can replace fossil fuels with the same energy source the plants and animals use
  • What evidence we have that trees are actually our ancestors
  • What the earth is telling us through earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • How you can meet and work with your spirit animal
  • What your brain has in common with the physical earth

Catriona is author of Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth (Atria 2010). To learn more about the work of Catriona MacGregor go to

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