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Hello Family, Friends and Colleagues. This is the web version of an email you may have recently received.
I bring the greetings of our changing season and notice of a personal change as well.
The time has come for me to transition to an official Newsletter!
So many people request I keep them abreast of opportunities for engagement that I’m Resilient butterfly on handunable to do efficiently do so on an informal basis. And frankly,  I don’t want to send emails to friends or colleagues who have not specifically chosen to opt-in so…. Beyond this point, if you’d like to know about such opportunities or just stay abreast of what’s happening in the world of Wild Resiliency or receive occasional inspirations from me, it’s time to Opt-in!
You can do so from any of my websites, including this blog.
And while I might still have your attention, here are three quick temptations for camping out and intentionally enriching your life, all of which I am co-hosting or sponsoring with my partner Cheryl Slover-Linett of Leadfeather.org:

  • Lead Feather is also hosting its first Women’s Soul Renewal Journey (July 14-17), based on the model Cheryl and I have honed over the last few years of working together. I’m honored to play a background role of support for this opportunity for women to dive deeper into the renewal of their purpose and meaning in life.
  • Vitalize your creative life with a four-day program co-sponsored with the Georgia O’Keeffe MuseumInspired by Nature: A Journey Into Creativity (Septermber 9-13).  We’ll explore her home with a private tour and spend time at the White Place where she painted.  We’ll hike to newly discovered petroglyphs and enjoy the spiritual work of cave artist, Ra Paulette.  An afternoon at the famed Ojo Caliente spa caps our journey.
  • Canyon de Chelly, (October 8-12) is an incredible opportunity to join a small group of like minded folks exploring “the heart and soul of Navajoland” while enriching your own spirit and renewing your belonging in the world.

Now is the time when the soul of the world and of our own being are inviting us to show up in the wholeness of who we are. If you are at all inclined, I hope you are able to join us in one of these opportunities for deepening your creative capacities for living in the joy of that wholeness—through being inspired by nature.
Other offerings will be forthcoming so remember to sign-up for the Newsletter to be notified of these. You can also follow my professional Facebook page if you’ve not done so but would like to support this work of connecting people more deeply to themselves through their love of nature.
Remember to sign-up for the Newsletter to stay abreast of opportunities.
THANKS dear family, friends and colleagues…for being in my life.

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