I heard a poem call my name today

I heard a poem call my name today

I heard a poem call my name today
while walking an isle at the grocery store
It subtly invited my attention
the way a half-remembered dream
becomes whole only if made love to

This poem however had only questions for me
questions that became like spirit shedding skin
Tell me, the whisperings of my soul ask,
of how it is I live in the world

Do the soles of your feet
know the joys of unfolding onto bare soil?
Do they know the ceremony of opening
in just that way so your heart
reaches its roots deep into Earth
going home the way water flows to the sea?

Do you practice the rituals
for placing your back against a tree
so your heart’s song takes flight
among the stars of your ancestry?

Can you look into the eyes of another
and know them as your own
possessing the courage of such vision?

Have you noticed how your whole body smiles
when listening to the laughter of children
and how their terror or fear
reminds you they are all yours too?

Do you practice the arts of flexibility
adapting to circumstance
the way water cuts bedrock?

Can you allow the passion of your flesh
to honor the mother and sister and lover in all women
and so invite in the depths and arts of the masculine mysteries?

Quiet now, please.
I ask back of my soul.
These are enough requests for transformation
for one shopping cart full
for one day’s visit to the store

Reflections: Any questions you might care to share, calling out to your soul these days?


  1. Juliana Coles

    07/02/2018 at 4:30 am

    Exquisite- such a strong visceral response- pure joy!

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