Change the Past and the Future

Change the Past and the Future

“You want to know how you can change the past? Change the future, because what we now call the future will soon be the past.

You want to know how you can change the future? Affect the present, because every day we live we are creating the future.”

So writes Mike Treder over at the Responsible Nanotechnology blog. It’s a good proactive and wildly resilient philosophy and approach to living. Particularly given the winds of change we are navigating. The attitude also reflects a bit of old shamanic knowledge: everything can be accessed from the now. And quantum physics tells us now essentially the same thing: the center of the universe is everywhere.
The questions that follow for me however then have to do with what visions of the future are we are using to create our present?
Those visions envelope us like the worldviews we see ourselves and Life through, like the stories and the memes that tell us what is permissible to see and be.
Thanks Mike, for the bits of wisdom.

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  1. ggw_bach

    01/07/2009 at 8:37 pm

    so true. Its the ideas we play with in our minds that determines the course of actions we take. When we change our thinking about certain problems or issues, they suddenly become more soluble, more compliant to an outcome. great reminder.

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