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Enhancing Resiliency Through Nature: Part 1

Spending time in natural settings is clearly a life-affirming path to strengthening our resilience. Research confirms that as little as 15 or 20 minutes a day can make a significant difference in your life, not only in your sense of vitality but also in your social intelligence. Consider what two, three or more days in a wild setting might do!

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Growing Roots Into Earth

…grounded in the reality of Life’s reciprocity and its consequent preference for strategies of mutualism. Mutualism is an evolutionary symbiotic strategy of wellness, hardiness and wholeness that can incorporate both competitive and cooperative hinging between species and individuals, resulting in ‘mutual benefit.’

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Not Two!

Damn if I didn’t walk around
a corner last night
and bumped right into myself;
stubbed my ego and nose too
same as if I’d walked into a foggy mirror
or a clear windowed door.

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