Power of One: 10.10.10

The opening of the heart is always wild! We never know where it might lead for such vulnerability is always a transformational unfolding of the Self.

So I wrote in my journal the morning of the recent Power of One 10.10.10, “Quantum Dialogue One: “The Interconnected Universe: The Power of Integrated Action”, on September 2, 2009 at the House of Sweden, Washington, D.C. A new initiative of Planet2025 Network, Power of One 10.10.10 was formed to catalyze quantum solutions to humanity’s greatest environmental and social challenges by shifting consciousness and celebrating the oneness of all life.”
The conference was a delightful, diverse and international gathering of business, political, entertainment, education and religious visionaries; all were interested in results however. One stated intention was to “link and combine insights from quantum science and the science of silence to the ability to transform the world through individual responsibility and action.” The prestigious names, unnoticeably absent mine, can be found on the program site and materials.
What I’d like to share here is simply some of my notes from the conference I was privileged to attend. With hesitation, I’ve placed notes with personalities, as best recalled, even though some of the quotes occurred in the context of an exchange.
Noticeably absent from these quotes below are the voice of business; it was not absent however. Co-facilitator Atem Ramsundersingh was not alone as he held space for the corporate world inquiring, “What place can silence possibly have in the world of business?”
Swami Veda Bharati:
Silence is not just absence of sound, but it is the absence of negative feelings and judgments.
Silence is not seen as action, or is seen at best as ‘not speaking.’ People don’t know what to do with silence for one minute: 10,000 thoughts without speaking is not silence.
Everyone practices silence. We are born in silence and end in silence. We long for it and sleep in it…. Silence, self-restraint and conservation of energy are synonymous. Silence of mind teaches one to only expend the optimum energy.
The reason for sustaining the atmosphere or the whale… is not out of self-interest in continuing… but for love; not out of utilatarian value….
The practice of silence creates space for love, for sustainability created out of unity….
There are no numbers but One.
Science is the most beautiful poem ever composed.
When we have a deep yearning to know, we listen. When we have an assumption of our own knowledge, we do not listen. We need to create space for listening to the unknown. That is the importance of making one’s self small.
The first education is the 3 years before conception. The second is the nine months in the womb. We think the mother is giving only nutrition… but no. The mother is giving her mind, her emotions… to the child.
The time to teach the child meditation is when the baby is breastfeeding.
Redefining the self requires awakening to unity, experiencing unity of the senses, … unity with a friend, with family… not as concept but as reality, as experience.
A wise person can live in their own personal golden age even in the midst of the darkest global age.
What we will not do willingly will be done by force to us by the planetary mind… reducing our wants….
Dr. Amit Goswami:
Our worldviews allow us to avoid responsibility… i.e. “God will take care of…”
We have instinctual negative circuits in our brain… and the good we have to manufacture.
The fundamental problem of today’s problems is ‘worldview. Unity is a worldview. Humility is a doorway to creativity. We have to know that we do not know.
Consciousness is the ground of all being.
We are learning to give meaning to feeling…. feelings cannot be computed. Intuitions cannot be computed. The rational mind would ignore these… yet all meaning fundamentally depends upon feelings.
The mind puts meaning to feelings… then we have emotions. When the rational mind ignores emotions… we have irrationality.
Intuition gives context to the rational and feelings give meaning to both… understanding that is true emotional intelligence. Ignoring feelings always leads to problems.
Evolutionary change is driving us toward integration. The age of the rational mind will give way to the intuitive mind. The emotional and the intuitive… are the supramental mind.
Mater is not the fundamental principle of the universe.
Pamela Peeters:
War creates heroes… and now we require warriors for peace to match the attraction… there are but two statues of peace in D.C.: Gandhi and Einstein.
Our definitions of power require redefinition. Our definitions of peace require redefinition. Our definitions of ‘hero’ requires redefinition.
‘Listening’ is key to the emergence of a Oneness identity.
Dr. Claes Nobel:
There is no chimney long enough to pierce our common atmosphere or sewer pipe large enough to carry away our common waste… (quoting unknown source)
I talk to trees. I love trees. They’re great listeners. It’s good to hug trees. Then when you come home to your wife you have sap on your collar, not lipstick!
Steve Robertson, Project Peace on Earth:
Music is the most profound and expedient medium for changing counsciousness.
If someone cannot look in the mirror and see their own divinity, they can not see it in the eyes of their neighbor. And if they cannot see it there… they surely cannot see it in a tree.

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