Wild Resiliency is…

Our Resilient Universe: Hubble Deep Space Photo, NASA

Our Wildly Resilient Universe: Hubble Deep Space Photo, NASA

Wild resiliency is Life’s love of and radical affirmation of itself. It is the courageous willingness to trust and be loyal to our greatest potentiality: our innermost joys.

Wild Resiliency is the organic arising, out of our deepest creative spontaneity, of an orientation toward hardiness, growth and transformation as our innate birthright.

Wild Resiliency is the natural flow and movement of the opening mind, heart and body in an upward spiral of integration and differentiation. Who can say where any one of these openings might take us, personally or collectively… and who can say this opening into our true nature is not our hope and our future?

Wild Resiliency Tortoise of Life

The Wild Resiliency Hardiness Turtle

Wild Resiliency® is a living systems ecological model of dynamic balance, stasis, stagnation, change and transformation. It is thus cross cultural and equally applicable to individuals and organizations, business and nation states. It is our future — this realization of our interdependent being.

The Wild Resiliency® model is consequently grounded in and is an innovative integration of ecology, the Western and the Indigenous sciences, world mythologies and wisdom traditions and positive psychology’s resiliency research. It is a view of the world in which authenticity and relational intelligence are the long term drivers of human hardiness and thrivability.

This model as articulated here is but another breath in the ongoing evolution of the understanding of the power of our arrival. It is no more. And it is no less. But tell me: do you know of another model of resiliency so grounded in the wholeness of who we are? Do you know of another model of human resiliency acknowledging that, ‘we are more like the forest and rivers and mountains and deserts than we are different’?

Our present and future is theirs, as theirs is ours. We are not separate. And to consider human resilience apart from the health of planet Earth’s waters… is naivety. This model is offered not as an ‘end all’, but rather as a point of departure from considering the human as the center of the universe and the consequent measurement of worth of all our relations.

Welcome Home.

Welcome home to your own innate creative and wild response of opening into the times we live in, into the offering of your gifts to the world, and your offering of receiving these gifts into your own being.


About Larry Glover

A challenging childhood gifted Larry with the experience of turning to nature for solace and learning. Rough years in his youth found him selling his blood for food money, spending his last quarter for a cup of Spokane’s black coffee on a winter morning, and digging for food out of a Safeway dumpster. He once walked into the woods to die — or to come out a different man; and Larry credits a Black Bear he once met face to face in his tent with saving his life. Larry has worked as a family therapist, social science research consultant, forest fire fighter and lookout, wilderness therapist and guide, somatic therapist, and as an international executive and organizational learning coach and consultant. The founding of the Wild Resiliency Institute, in 2004 by Larry, represents the coalescing of his diverse background and interests into an ecological model of human change and transformation. The model is informed and inspired by the Indigenous and western living systems and complexity sciences, the emerging science of resiliency, the field of deep ecology, the junctures of depth, eco- and terra- psychology and by world mythologies. Larry now works with individuals and organization to sustain and strengthen their thrivability, their relationship with the River of Life. He provides inspirational and provocative multimedia presentations and workshops around the themes wild resiliency, relational and emotional intelligence, accessing collective intelligence and wisdom, and learning agility and Oneness as change hardiness strategies. He lives and plays out his own wild joy while base-camped near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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2 Responses to Wild Resiliency is…

  1. Randy Harkins says:

    Hi Old Friend. Enjoyed reading your posts, thoughts and poetry. I’m still living and loving the Gila and recalling rolling change to make my first trip here with you in the old blue Chevy.

  2. Larry Glover says:

    I well and fondly remember the midnight ride under a full moon from Santa Fe down into the heart of the Gila, Randy. I’d love to reconnect!

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