What if I were to tell you…

What if I were to tell you
everything you learned in church and school
of how to be who you truly are
is wrong?

You know the truth of this.

But how will you live
allowing this shattering awareness into your life?

How will you navigate and find your way,
you blind man walking by candlelight amidst milky galaxies
within and above and below and all around?

Sometimes it is easier to forget
you ever knew this inner star light.
Tempting it can be
not to pick up such ownership of your life.

But then you remember, like a seed awakening,
the aliveness of awe and wonder
that love to bubble up-from and down-through
your feet and groin and heart and throat and mind

and you know again
what it is to drink at the spring’s source
the thirst quenching Water of Life
every sip restoring and informing the truth of who you are.

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