The Medicines of Connection

The Medicines of Connection

Double Rainbow over Aspen Grove

There is an innate hunger within
It is not meant to sentence you to loneliness
To be a curse of sorrow depression and despair
Rather it is a gift from the soil and trees and stars
Inviting a deeper listening re-imagining and re-perceiving
Like a North Star imprinted in your heart
In-forming your feet and spirit
Of who you most deeply are
So you know where and how to turn
When the need for starting over is greatest

You are wired to orient for connections
The way Aspens are one-rooted into their grove

Belonging is your birthright
You are born into it
Your very being is itself woven of kinship
And now all of Life awaits
This coming home of your soul to itself
This re-membering of our human place within the Circle of Life

This reorienting of identity
of reconnecting to Nature and Gaia herself
as the womb in which you are yet birthing yourself
is not only the path into re-genesis for Earth as we know her
it is a game trail leading home
to your heart’s love of itself.

— LG

A new revelatory experience is needed, an experience wherein human consciousness awakens to the grandeur and sacred quality of the Earth process. This awakening is our human participation in the dream of the Earth.
— Thomas Berry


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