Standing Naked

Standing Naked

Aspen tree trunks and blue sky

I would tell you
I did not ask for this gift
but that is not precisely true

Far more accurate I suppose
is that I did not trust Life enough to ask for such
Though I longed for this blessing
craved and desired it
since before I could name it

And when at last I glimpsed
sight enough to even dream of the possibility
I still thought to make myself special with powers
not knowing all that must be surrendered
let go of before such a simple union returns to the soul

Perhaps it has come
more easily for you
This perceiving touching and caressing
of the Tree of Life rooted within
you and everyone — all you look upon

Yet she stands naked before me now
having undressed enticingly
dropping clothes one at a time
allowing identities of separation to fall away
like shedding leaves or branches that no longer serve

And now I stand stripped naked before her too
at last rooted into Earth and bathed by Starlight
awe struck and grateful
like a lover eager
for the moist intimacies that come
with the unbridled “Yes!”

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