Sharon/Sage Emory’s June 14th Magarini Centre Email,

Sharon/Sage Emory’s June 14th Magarini Centre Email,

Hi everyone,

We have good news this month! It has been raining for 3 weeks!!!!! The crops are growing, corn was planted and it germinated. They planted corn, green peas, cow peas, okra, and mosheta vegetable.  Before the rain they had planted 300 trees they supported by caring water to the trees. I have pictures below of this from before the rain. The farm is green for the first time in almost 2 years. On my gosh, what a sign of relief. I have pictures below of after the rain.

Thank you so much for all of the support. We raised the emergency food money for three months. Everyone is so awesome. I sent out the request and we had the money within 2 weeks. I sent all the money in the middle of May. If the rain continues they will have food until the Middle of August. The corn will take longer than that to grow. We will have to have one more round of emergency food. Pray for rain!

The estimate for corn irrigation pipes came in It is $8000 for 5 acres. This is crucial to prevent this continual emergency food issue. Global warming has created and unpredictable rain situation. We had to raise $6000. Over the last year and a half we have raised between $3500 and $6000 every three months. If they had irrigation we would not have to do this. Problem is that the food is an emergency. If we raised the money for the irrigation now it would prevent this issue. 

The next piece of fantastic new is that all the graduated children are at high school. They are settled. 18 children. 13 girls 5 boys. This is the first year for boys. In Kenya the girls never go to school. The center has sent 44 girls and this is the first time boys have gone. Normally families will only send boys if they have limited fund. There are 15 new children that arrived to the center from the age of 4 to 10. Those who really needed the support. 11 girls and 4 boys. 6 with single parents 5 no parents, 4 came from extremely poor families. None of these children have ever been to school. This is their first time. None of the children will have any reading skills or writing or math. 

The school now has 120 girls that are living in the dormitory, and 100 boys. We need to buy 20 more beds because they are now sharing little twin beds. They need 20 beds at $125. 10 for each dormitory. If anyone feels inspired to buy a bed that would be great. 

Emmanuel changed the plan for the 2nd tank. It is being built next to the new classroom to be a rainwater catchment. It will be bigger than the first one. They have to buy gutters. This will save the constant use of the well. the water will be used for the farm. We raised $1000 for labor, but still need $2000 more. We also need money for the gutters. With the rain it should keep the tank supplied. Then the farm will be watered.

The school has more children now. Which means we need to add 2 more teachers, and the salaries for two more teachers. We need $200 more a month. If anyone knows someone who might want to join our salary team and pay $100 or $200 a month, please reach out and share this news letter and information about the center. 

The girls have been working on their project for making pads for the girls. They are reusable. for 5 years. Teaching them to sew themselves to take care of themselves and it is affordable. They teach them about pregnancy and how it happens. They talk about how important it is the focus and school and finishing before getting pregnant. They talk about how difficult life is without an education and the limiting options. They talk about all the responsibilities of parenting. The project gives an opportunity to talk.  They started making reusable diapers. They teach them about this and how it is good for the environment. I learned the girls start bleeding early in Kenya because it is hot there.  They start early like 11 or 12 years old. I think many girls start tat that age here also. The camp fire still happens where the elders tell stories about community life. They talk about old days they would site with grandmothers to learn how to finish schooling, get married later, so they are coming to be those elders for these children who have no elders. They talk about the wisdom that was shared and what life was like long long ago. 

I am eternally appreciative for all of you. Emmanuel continues to tell me that this team is the heart of the center. He said the children are alive because of you. Not only alive, but thriving. Thank you so much for your monthly donations and for all the emergency food. Thank you to those who donated to the high school children. These children all have an opportunity to have a life because of you. I cannot remember if I said this last month, but the surround families that send their children to public school have started coming to the center. They want to enroll their children in the Magarini Children Centre. The school is developing an incredible reputation.  

Please send your donations as soon as possible. I am super, ridiculously late because of  my own life. Remember send to friends and family at paypal.


Love, Sage Emery

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