Re-Wild Your Self—for the wild ride of our times!

Re-Wild Your Self—for the wild ride of our times!

Does your resiliency ever get you down? Mine does! Gets me down, I mean.
You know, that ‘bouncing back’ to the same ole patterns of feeling overwhelmed by the news or… just failing to remember and notice what an incredible thing it is to be alive and walking on the planet?
To rewild (re-wild) ourselves is to again remember the power of touching not only our own presence but to be revitalized by touching it in nature too, and to so remember who we truly are. It is to reclaim the power of our attention and place it with our choosing… Here’s a short video to inspire your re-membering!
And for any able, I’m co-hosting a benefit hike for the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance on April 21, 2018: Re-Wilding the Self—for the wild ride of our times! My other partner in this is Cheryl Slover-Linett, Director and Founder of the non-profit Lead Feather. You can register here:
In continuing service of the wild, we’re also supporting, along with hosts Michael and Julie Zimber of Stone Forest, Santa Fe, a May 3 House Party Fundraiser for the Gila Wild & Scenic River

 New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Gila Wild & Scenic Fundraiser

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