Restoring the West 2008 — Aspen Restoration

Frontiers in Aspen Restoration

Restoring the West Conference 2008: Frontiers in Aspen Restoration

I too often find myself not posting anything to this blog because I’ve not had time for some creative piece of writing… Yet I also often find myself overloaded with provocative resources and opportunities that I’d love to pass on. So I’m going to try focusing on sharing more of these resiliency resources and opportunities as a way of cleaning off my desk a bit. Here’s one for all lovers of Aspens and the Wisdom they carry.
p style=”text-align:center;”>RESTORING THE WEST CONFERENCE 2008:
Frontiers in Aspen Restoration
September 16 – 18, 2008
Utah State University
Logan, Utah

“Interest in western aspen forests and their restoration and management remains high. This year we will build on the foundation laid by this conference in September 2006 where we discussed aspen management and restoration efforts going on throughout the West. We will cover aspen biology and ecology, possible effects of climate change on aspen forests, trends in aspen management, monitoring, human dimensions of aspen ecosystems, and other topics. It will appeal to managers and researchers, including public and private land managers, landowners, and others. This year’s conference will include two full days (the 16th and 17th) of invited presentations with a poster session, and a final half day of roundtables/workshops to discuss how best to move aspen restoration efforts forward. A meeting of the Western Aspen Alliance will follow at 1:30 pm and is open to all who are interested. Anyone can propose a poster presentation; please visit our website at for instructions on submitting a poster presentation.
This conference is organized and sponsored by Utah State University (Ecology Center, Wildland Resources Department, College of Natural Resources, and Cooperative Extension), the Western Aspen Alliance, and USDA-Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station and State & Private Forestry.”

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