Lessons from the Feminine

Lessons from the Feminine

A window of perception

should I wish to change the world
but one small act is required of me
difficult though it may in truth be
for my heart spirit and soul
must reciprocally be willing
to be changed
transformed even by that by which
I would change out there
as I must be willing to see myself
differently as well

All this requires really
is that I have the courage
to be where and as I am
no exclusions
while standing in self love


I post this today, on International Women’s Day, because frankly I love women and the feminine. So I want to honor the feminine in all of us and everywhere.

The masculine in me wants to ‘do something’ in response to the tragedies and sorrows of our times. It wants to ‘make the world in my image,’ you know, make the world as I think it should be, as though that would save us all. But I frankly do not respond well to folks who seek to make me as they believe I should be nor have I found others any more eager to succome to my sculpting hand.

There is so much more I might write here but I want to keep this short and hopefully more potent for doing so. For I want here to celebrate the feminine and how awakening to it within, to learning to embrace this polarity within so enriches this life of mine. For Mother Earth is my teacher here; I learn from her waters and air and soil, her trees and curious mule deer that are willing to listen and indeed be in conversation when I come to them with the energetics pointed to in this poem.

And I am changed in doing so. Yes, I see the world differently too. My system is less reactive and more responsive; more options are available to me. This is a perceptual window, the literacy of which does indeed change the world. And I am ever grateful to the feminine…without which I could never celebrate this masculine body I wear today.

And so it is I bow here to all you women, now wearing bodies of the feminine. Our culture has not made it easy for you. But please remember, the feminine within is awakening across the planet and our future hinges upon our learning to honor and celebrate the soul-care of self-love. Our Mother prays for our learning of this. So please, dear women, celebrate your feminine nature too!

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