I fell in love with a tree today

I fell in love with a tree today

I fell in love with a tree today. Proposed.resilient ponderosa
She said, “Yes, but…
only if you too will embrace me with your roots.”
The trees, they do talk you know.
And today they are promiscuous too.
After rumors spread of my betrothal, others began to ask,
“But what of me?”
Soon there was a cacophony through the whole forest,
“What of me?”,
they each cried.
resilient ponderosa rootThey released their delicious intoxication
of pine smells and I could not help but inspire
their very being into mine
and soon enough
I feared for my manly identity.
Yet what, pray tell, is a real man to do?
I said, “Yes!” of course,
to the whole holy lot of ’em.
And now, pray tell me true:
What is a man
if he not be a tree too?
IMG_4591Have you ever seen a tree hug her self?
I came across the above Ponderosa on my hike today. The way her root sinuously wraps itself around her trunk left me with the feeling she was doing just that; hugging herself.
Perhaps the impression arose out of my need and intentions to become more skilled at so embracing my self, holding those frightened parts of myself and of others in the loving kindness I desire to be in the world.
I accepted the invitation to hug this tree and soon the above peace flowed out. I have a long time enchantment with the rooting of trees, with their energetic thrust into the underworld. Indeed, it is intimacy with the underworld of our unconscious that is one of the great creative challenges of humanity at this time on the planet.
Without these intimacies, with the dark moist depths of soil and earth and unconscious within , our experience of self is but an enslavement to our identities of acculturation; what someone else wants of us. Nature and our joy are enriched as we discover our relationship with the other than human world and the freedoms of this grander knowledge and experience of self.
This is to discover the ecological self and a wild resiliency capable of transforming our way into a future of flourishing in concert with Earth as lover. So…

“You must go in quest of yourself, and you will find yourself again only in the simple and forgotten things. Why not go into the forest for a time, literally? Sometimes  a tree tells you more than can be read in book.” — Carl Jung

Larry Glover aspires to discover what being human truly is, particularly in a paradoxical world woven of Larry's resilent smilemystery and consciousness and fire and water and air and earth and spirit and soul too. He struggled from an early age with a madness that would destroy himself, which he came to recognize as a cultural story of separation and unworthiness for life. Larry now leans into our shared love of nature to inspire and deepen what it is to truly love your self, through his writing, speaking, coaching, workshops and wilderness retreats. Learn more of how to engage with Larry at larryglover.com

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