Follow home the threads of truth and love

Follow home the threads of truth and love

My skin grows scratchy and itchy
and I sense the time for shedding
is again come upon me
as the self I thought myself to be
is both too large and too small
for meeting the challenges of my days
and the nights too long
for enduring a world out of sync with its own true nature
having forgotten whence it came and whence its return
So now it is I who must
follow home the threads of truth and love
where a garment of self-awareness
and identity can be woven anew
ones big enough for the wholeness
of the grandeur and mystery
of a being not separate…
undivided even from the smallness of wounding and grievances
aspirations and desires
carried by those of us wearing flesh
as if the time for discerning and letting go of what no longer serves is now
as is the time for claiming and owning
this one gift of life
seeking itself
awakening within

Truly we live in transformational times. Times that invite forth the deep willingness of our spirits to show up and be present to what is… to let go of what no longer serves… and to embrace the deepest depths of identity we can touch.

This is our wild resiliency. Bouncing back to a world out of sync with nature and her practices of both sustainability and thrivability…is but a pathway to self-destruction. Western civilization brings us many gifts, through the pathways of science for example, but the history out of which it arises also brings us a separation from self and from other. We are in a birthing process… and a dying one. These times call for a deep seeing into and honoring of each. May Nature and Spirit, in all of their wholeness, be your guide.

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