My sister died yesterday

My sister died yesterday

My sister died yesterday
and now as if seeking to be seen more clearly
at 2 AM will not let me sleep
Beverlyn Kay Glover
July 15, 2020—January 7, 1947
with experimental brain tumor surgery at 5 years old
leaving you unexpectedly alive
but without a pituitary gland
and some thirty surgeries later
and twenty four daily medications
you defied predictions of your demise
more times than nine cats
and became nicknamed “Giggles”
for your adaptive capacity
to laugh at yourself
your near blindness
your partial paralysis
and crippled up body
did not stop you
from choosing to meet life with an open heart
saying “No” to victim-hood
with passion for playing your keyboard
achieving a college degree and teaching certificate
living in a place of your own
being loved by many and loving many
especially children and family
creating with this life and legacy
a complex of relief and grief for me
inspiration gift and challenge too
a place in my heart
no other will ever fill

Note: This tribute to my sister is not complete without acknowledgement of deep appreciation, gratitude and love for my brothers and their partners, Benny and Pat, Mick and Cheryl, and Joe; and for the support of my own partner, Dotty Beatty. Thank you each and all.

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