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Wild Resiliency blog 2010 in review and looking ahead

OK, I’ve hesitated to post the 2010 year in review provided for this blog by, being the kind of guy who can shy away from attention…and I’ve decided to share it. In part so I can find it again for my own analysis, and I’m happy they give the blog a ‘Wow’ score. It’s higher than I’d give it so I”m looking ahead and thinking of directions and future posts and…

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From Tragedy to Triumph: Resiliency Inspirations for the Journey

“They rarely saw themselves as victims. Instead, they focused on one of two great skills: creativity or the ability to connect to others.”
It is in numerous nuggets such as this that the book finds its practical applications, beyond serving as inspiration. We all find ourselves in need of inspiration at times, and studying the lives of those who have found their way through the extremes of adversity is a worthwhile and enlightening way to rediscover it. The book leaves me feeling, “If they can do it, I can too!”

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