Beyond Story

Beyond Story

Beyond story

there is
no part
of you
that can be
from me
This is reciprocal
So don’t worry
No need to run
Just ask
Wind or Tree
Mountain Singing Water, Soil, Air

Ask Moon or Sun
if you wish, or
any one of cosmic Stars galore

Ask Atoms or
subatomic Quarks or buddy particles
yet unnamed

if they are not
For in all
of this entanglement
heart knows
to follow
this belonging’s
wild joys home

I am deep into wrapping up a first draft book manuscript for sending to the editors, and so my social media presence, as my social life these days, is very limited. Today, however, I just need to reach out in someway to touch the world and the hearts of those who resonate. If you are such a one, I bow in love and gratitude for our shared transformative wild belonging. — J. Larry Glover

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