This Aliveness You Feel

This Aliveness You Feel

Golden Aspens and blue sky

This aliveness you feel sense and love
As your bare feet learn to again kiss the soil
That you hunger for the growing vitality of
This beauty you return to for joy
Of free flowing creeks in mountain meadows
Singing stories of water’s journey in always returning to itself
Amidst inspirations of golden Aspen leaves
Fluttering and drifting to the heart ground of Earth
Golden iridescence pulled from limbs and twigs of the white barked trees
By slight breezes carrying seasonal songs of change
Announcing cycles of personal and global transformations
As if calling us home
To remembering our own wholeness and belonging
Are inseparable from the Quaking tree’s rooting into this forest’s humus
Beneath our soles and in our hearts
While gravities of Sun and Moon and Gaia herself
Are themselves also held in the larger suspense
Of a great cosmic blossoming
Occurring in remote galactic regions of the Milky Way’s Spiral of Life
Extending an invitation for opening
Into the heart of your own heart’s naked hungers and desires
For the awakening and unspeakable grandeur of deep identity and being
We are each called and invited into

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