The Wisdom of Aspens — An Invitation

Aspen GoldI’m extending an invitation to my Santa Fe community aspen lovers! It is the most beautiful, if not the only thing, I know to do as I try to meet my life in today’s world.
This question, “What is the most beautiful thing I can do?” Charles Eisenstein says this is the most important question we can ask ourselves during such a time as ours.
It is the inherent spirit of celebration that accompanies this question for me, in the spirit of gifting, that I want to let you know about an upcoming free multimedia presentation I’m offering.
I have found myself dropping ever deeper into the world of Aspens over the last several years and they are changing both how I see myself and how I see the world. And after the presentation, I expect your next walk through an aspen grove will be with new eyes as well as a refreshed spirit; Aspens are medicine for our time.
What you may not know is that the aspens are in trouble. And truth is, we need them as much as they may now need for us to see ourselves and the world differently as well.
My goal in the presentation is to leave attendees with the eyes and knowledge of how to better share Aspen’s potent perceptual medicine with those they love. The logistical details follow.
p style=”text-align:center;”>Aspens — Ancient Wisdom for Thriving in Challenging Times!
This will be a provocative and inspirational interweaving of ecology, resiliency science, mythology, and poetry — with a dash of quantum physics throw in for spice.
Thursday, November 13, 7:15-8:30 PM, Unitarian Church, 107 W. Barcelona Rd., Santa Fe, NM.
Two other items of quick note, for those in my circle of friends and for those requesting such mailings:
I’m delighted to announce that the Santa Fe Sun Monthly, published Forbidden Knowledge and the Aspen-Body in their November edition. If you don’t have the print version you can access the online edition here, on pages 40, 41 and 52.
An easier to read digital version may be found on my blog at the above titled link.
Also, this week’s Santa Fe Reporter, coming out November 12, will carry a brief interview with me speaking about aspens. I have been delivering versions of this presentation to business, counseling and health groups and conferences. Should you know of individuals or groups who might be interested, I’d appreciate the referral.
OK, Thanks, for being in my circle, for being part of the health in the grove of my habitation.
Remember, be well and stay wild!
PS.  Here’s a link for Charles Eisenstein who has a provocative new book out, The Assent of Humanity: The Age of Separation, The Age of Reunion, and The Crisis that is birthing the transition

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