Sometimes I can find no respect for myself

Bonsai Tree of Life
Sometimes I can find
no respect for myself
It is true
Though once shameful to admit
given how devoted I can be to cultivating it from others
now I am learning
to know such more like a virus or weather passing through
I am learning too the transformational perspective
of knowing these moods as the gift of an invitation
for the re-membering of our common wholeness
for dropping deeper into being
than constructed social identity or personal history
which is afterall
where insecurity and self-respect live
Dropping further down
into the depths and bowels of existence itself
where self-judgments cannot breathe
traveling yet further down into the tap roots
of the Tree of Life within
into the rhizomes of inter-being
where all of life is One
and you and I are not separate
and the resources of intelligence
and wisdom of the heart and mind and body
are an integrated whole
celebrating the very mirracle of being
in this moment and I too…
even I am enough

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