Oh Great Spirit

Oh Great Spirit

Fire's flames rising in the night

Oh Great Spirit
hold me close on this night
for the sorrows and pains and problems of the world
are intimate with my heart in this darkness.

Oh Great Spirit
please hold me close
for I need courage and strength
as I seek too the eyes of vision
willing to see the truth of what is
and a heart able to hold within
this nakedness
with compassion and love.

Oh Great Spirit
please grant me the will and a sword
unafraid of the dark or the light
capable of defending the weak and innocent
the beautiful and true.

Oh Great Spirit
teach me to hold the inevitable ugliness of life
with honor and respect
so that fertile soil may come from refuse
as the creative beauty of a life lived true.

Oh Great Spirit
grant that I might fall on my knees
with awe and wonder and gratitude
every dawn and every dusk of my life.

Oh Great Spirit
let these be the practices and rewards
of my soul and spirit
for living close to you.

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