I saw the web this morning

I saw the web this morning

I saw the web this morning
Swear I did

A spider’s gossamer thin thread
caught Sun’s first shafts of light
piercing tall pines
dense needles yet dripping
water droplets fallen
from floating clouds in night’s sky
under a near fully round Moon casting light
onto Forest’s floor dancing with tree shadows
trunks and bows mirroring below the skyward rising
of Life’s hunger for itself reaching
to be seen and known felt and touched

Like fairyland rainbows and flickering lights reflecting
off Spider’s threads strung between
two blades of grass here and there an abundance
Or the droplets glistening like diamonds
atop these same spires of green

Oh where would you or I be
were it not for such easily unnoticed
tiny wonders and beauties weaving
the entirety of the universe
into its wholeness
of which I and you too
are weavings in the web

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