Everything is Alive!

Lichen digesting granite boulderEverything is Alive! is the fourth Wild Resiliency Assertion.
From the perspective of Forest, everything is alive. What is waste for one is food for another. Death for one is life for another. The processes of Life are slowly digesting even the rocks of this world, revealing Life for what it is: a continuous cyclic transformation and evolution of energy, whose re-creative flow is sustained through the birthing and consumption of itself. The cosmos itself is a self-organizing (autopoiesis) and self-regenerative living process.

[Man] sees the morning as the beginning of a new day; he takes germination as the start in the life of a plant, and withering as its end. But this is nothing more than biased judgment on his part. Nature is one. There is no starting point or destination, only an unending flux, a continuous metamorphosis of all things. – Masanobu Fukuoka, The Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy

This is the indigenous wisdom awaiting our rediscovery, reawakening within us a respect for all things.

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