Cosmogenesis is Alive and Well!

Cosmogenesis is Alive and Well! is the third Wild Resiliency Assertion.
The cosmos is yet birthing itself. Life is an emergent manifestation out of aCone Nebula Great Unknown, one all names can only point to; and we find ourselves in a universe, if not a multiverse, still in process of growing and complexifying. There is no roof over our heads or floor under our feet; there is only the Ground of Being we arise out of are embedded within.
It may indeed be that God created Heaven and Earth in six days in 4004 BC, as Bishop Usher proclaimed; it may be that Christ was born of a virgin; it may be that the Buddha was born out of his mother’s side, fully capable of speech; it may be that Mohamed was the spokesperson for God’s word, spoken to him by the Angel Gabriel; it may be that humans came into life only after Spider Woman sang the Creation Song over our bodies; it may be that humankind climbed up into this world out of an underworld to escape flooding; it may also be that mankind is but one line of Life’s evolutionary development. All these stories and more may be true, each in their own way.
Grand Canyon/Little Colorado RiverOur collective stories of origin and of divine access are a multitude. But unless the earth’s geophysical history under our feet and visible to our eyes, unless the fossil records we can hold in our hands and in the curiosity of our minds, unless our modern extended senses are lying to us, and the unmeasurable span of the cosmos itself is but a delusion of our imaginations, the creation story itself is yet unfinished.
We are participants in an unfinished wild story of deep mystery and wonder. Now this is a story worth the telling, worth the dreaming of.
Note: This is the third of twelve Wild Resiliency Assertions. These Assertions represent my attempt to place onto my ‘map of reality’ my perceptions about the nature of our world, about the structural interface between the world’s soul and Our Ground of Being, and the life force we each carry, known as the Self.
Laurence Gonzales, in Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why, asserts that this keeping our mental maps true to the world, is a fundamental and essential characteristic of those who find their way through Life’s toughest challenges. Hence, the importance I believe, of our discovering containers in which we may mutually explore, respect, and honor these foundational life attitudes we each carry.

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