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From Tragedy to Triumph: Resiliency Inspirations for the Journey

“They rarely saw themselves as victims. Instead, they focused on one of two great skills: creativity or the ability to connect to others.”
It is in numerous nuggets such as this that the book finds its practical applications, beyond serving as inspiration. We all find ourselves in need of inspiration at times, and studying the lives of those who have found their way through the extremes of adversity is a worthwhile and enlightening way to rediscover it. The book leaves me feeling, “If they can do it, I can too!”

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When Neurobiology and Culture Conflict: Finding Our Way From Here

This is a story of identity that can be rewritten in each of our spirits, minds and bodies as we come to experience and know and identify our self—with Life itself, with nature. Inherent within this new-yet-ancient story is a biognosis, the moist intimate wisdom-knowledge of Life, of our place within it. It is a story that each of us must claim for ourselves if we are to know and embody the birthright of our own belonging and the resiliency of nature as our own.

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The Great Forgetting — Who Are We Anyway?

…in meditative brevity he provocatively invites us to consider and witness what it is to be human, fully and wholly human, absent the wall of separation from Life. He is playing with our identity, with our awareness of what it means to be human. He would have us remember our wholeness, to live into its unanswerable mystery.

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