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When Spring come to the soul

Oh to be erotically alive in this world!
What joys and sorrows are sure to visit
and to be willing to let each in
to so receive the embrace
of unspeakable beauty and wonder and heart break

Bundle Up and Watch the Birds

The times we live in are challenging for humans and for many of Earth’s  creatures who are likewise required to adapt to the rapidly changing world of our creation. We…

When Neurobiology and Culture Conflict: Finding Our Way From Here

This is a story of identity that can be rewritten in each of our spirits, minds and bodies as we come to experience and know and identify our self—with Life itself, with nature. Inherent within this new-yet-ancient story is a biognosis, the moist intimate wisdom-knowledge of Life, of our place within it. It is a story that each of us must claim for ourselves if we are to know and embody the birthright of our own belonging and the resiliency of nature as our own.

To Think a Tree Might…Save Us From Ourselves?

[youtube=] It’s absurd to think a tree might teach us how to live more joy filled lives, let alone how we might save us from ourselves. Of course it is….

For the Sake of a Worldview…

For the sake of a Worldview one man beats his wife giving her what he feeds himself inside and another man whistles as he walks to work. For the sake…