Resiliency Science Training Video Resources

This post has two purposes:
The first here is to let readers know that videos and slides of invited presenters are now posted on the Resilience 2011 Program web page.
Alan AtKinson’s opening presentation is a good place to start. He’s a business and organizational resiliency consultant who delightfully and provocatively integrated science, story telling and song in his presentation.
Alan anticipated and addressed the question about why resiliency scientists have not been more successful in communicating their findings to the public. He noted that story telling is superior to conceptual modes for such ends, and that song actually is the most effective of the three. Alan then whipped out his guitar and effectively had 700 scientists singing along to a song he wrote, Exponential Growth.
Second note of this post is that I’m in the middle of switching blog hosts and  there will likely be several up and down appearance changes here over the next week or so as I get some new legs under the blog. The goal is to help it be a more effective communication source, though I assure you, I don’t expect I’ll sing any songs!

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