Can Twitters Help a Tree—Help Ourselves?

My article, Aspens: Soul Medicine for our Time, was published by Aspen earlier this week. It is a SAD (Sudden Aspen Decline) story with a spirit of potentiality, inquiring into the relevance this popular and intriguing tree might have to our human thrive-ability.

“Their trembling leaves sing ecological songs of relational intelligence, of the paradoxical co-existence between community and individuality, about the heart of resiliency in turbulent times, about what it is to be of one heart, one mind and one flesh—celebrating diversity.”

I learned this morning that the story hit twitter over 2000 times yesterday. Now I’m wondering, by way of curiosity and invitation: Is it possible for the twittering community, through their collective consciousness and intention, to help a tree?
Can twitters choose to actively bring the plight and the iconic Tree of Life imagery of the Aspens to the light and mirror of our larger collective consciousness?
Can twitters help a tree… and so help ourselves too? I wonder: it’s a social experiment. So if you twitter, I invite you to… see if you can make the Aspens go viral!

Note: see also: To Think a Tree Might Save Us…From Ourselves? The video voice I’d do over… it was a learning attempt… but the essence is there.

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