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rewilding the self

Re-Wilding the Self -2

The essential movement of rewilding the self is the turning toward Life, what I have come to call biotropism. This is no small feat of orienteering…

Re-Wilding the Self -1

The nails of my fingers
leave claw marks
in the soil of life
from my clinging on
to what is familiar
and comfortable and no longer
serves that which is awakening

Reclaiming the Soil of Our Belonging

“Natural life is the nourishing soil of the soul…. It is the body, the feeling, the instincts, which connects us with the soil.” — C.J. Jung “It is no measure…

The Science and Varieties of Gratitude

To receive gratitude into one’s life in this way is not, from my perspective, not so much ‘giving’ gratitude as it is a courageous willingness to perceive life from a spirit of ‘thankfulness’, no matter what.

My Awakening Eyes

MY AWAKENING EYES I. I walked out the door of the house this morningand in my face just like thatthere was the whole gosh darn universeinhaling with a great hunger…